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S3 Ep. 16: Vegan Travel with guest Jennifer Valentini

On this week’s episode of Oh My! Travel Podcast, we chat all about vegan travel with our guest, Jennifer Valentini who has been chasing vegan eats around the world. Since eating vegan in a new territory may sound intimidating to some and does have its challenges we brought on Jennifer to share her experiences. Even with language barriers and different customs, there are plenty of ways to still find amazing vegan food wherever you go!

Jennifer shares her tips on finding vegan-friendly restaurants while traveling. And she also gives us some quick vegan travel meals that are easy to make. So if you’re vegan or enjoy plant-based options tune in and find out more about vegan travel.

And be sure to follow Jennifer on Instagram for yummy vegan food stories and to inspire some wanderlust! Check out her posts from her travels and her daily like in Florida. And watch out for the adorable dog pics!

Jennifer’s favorite vegan eats from around the world:

Maoz – franchise located in various cities in the United States, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, São Paulo, and more!
Sésamo Restaurante – Barcelona, Spain
Modern Love – Brooklyn, New York
Plant Food + Wine – Venice, California
Doomie’s – Culver City, California
JINYA Ramen Bar – franchise located in various cities in the United States
Sage Vegan Bistro – located in Echo Park, Culver City, and Pasadena, California
Seabirds Kitchen – Long Beach and Costa Mesa, California
The Wild Chive – Long Beach Farmer’s Market in California

As always, thank you for listening to this week’s episode,  hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to write us on our Instagram, Twitter, & the Le Wild Explorer blog with your questions, comments & anything else that’s on your mind! Follow us at @ohmytravelpodcast, @lewildexplorer, & @marthagetsit.

All vegan travel photos provided by Jennifer Valentini

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