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Siam Sunray Recipe | Cocktails to Drink in Thailand

The Siam Sunray is Thailand’s signature cocktail. It was created in 2009 by award-winning bartender Surasakdi Pantaisong. It consists of some of the same elements that are used to make Tom Yum soup. Keep reading so that you can make “Thailand in a glass” at home with this Siam Sunray…

Visiting the Uros Islands of Lake Titicaca | Peru

South America is full of natural beauty. There are stunning beaches, beautiful mountains, and great lakes. One of the most famous lakes is Lake Titicaca which can be found nestled between Peru and Bolivia. A visit to Lake Titicaca is a wonderful highlight of any South American itinerary. And the…

Best Photo Spots in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a coastal city that is located in the heart of Orange County, California. It is widely known for its beautiful coastline and wonderful weather but it’s so much more than just that. There are plenty of things to do in Laguna Beach. The city is perfect for…

Rose Gimlet Recipe | Cocktails to Drink in the Netherlands

The Rose Gimlet was created in the Netherlands. The exact story isn’t widely known. However, we shall raise a glass since it’s not only a beautiful cocktail but also delicious. And you can make this drink at home yourself with the Rose Gimlet recipe below.

8 Amazing Things to Do in Tarragona

Tarragona is a coastal city, just south of Barcelona featuring a Roman amphitheater overlooking the ocean, beautiful beaches, a charming old town, historic cathedral, and more. It often referred to as the “Rome of Spain” and a visit to the city will show you exactly why. It’s an easy day…

The Best Things to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is an artsy city with lots of New Mexican charm. The architecture may be reminiscent of the past but this city is definitely ahead of its time. There’s a lot to do for everyone so get ready because these are the best things to do in Santa Fe.

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