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Oh My! Travel Podcast is hosted by myself, Jeanine Romo (Le Wild Explorer), an expert on solo female travel, packing for months on end with only a carry-on and a killer bartender, and produced by Martha Espinoza (my bestie). Join me and the occasional guests as we share enlightening experiences, hilarious stories, and discuss topics ranging from off-the-beaten-path destinations, resources for planning your next trip, safety in solo travel, the best rooftop bars, tasty street food, post-worthy vistas, and more.

Show Notes from Past Episodes

Season 3
S3 Ep. 18: Traveling While Pregnant
S3 Ep. 17: Trips That Ruined Friendships
S3 Ep. 16: Vegan Travel with guest Jennifer Valentini
S3 Ep. 15: Four Weddings and Proposal Abroad
S3 Ep. 14: Planning A Trip to Paris with Kids – Part 2
S3 Ep. 13: Planning A Trip to Paris with Kids – Part 1
S3 Ep. 12: Reunited and It Feels So Good
S3 Ep. 11: Summertime Travel Destinations in the USA!
S3 Ep. 10: Summertime Travel Destinations Abroad!
S3 Ep. 9: Primavera Sound in Barcelona
S3 Ep. 8: Valle De Guadalupe Part 2
S3 Ep. 7: Valle De Guadalupe Pt 1
S3 Ep. 6: Catching Up When Your BF is in Spain
S3 Ep. 5: Underrated Montenegro
S3 Ep. 4: I’d Live in Portland, Maybe!
S3 Ep. 3: Drone-ing with the Homies
S3 Ep. 2: Travel Apps That Make Your Travel & Phone Smarter
S3 Ep. 1: Game of Thrones Filming Locations Around the World

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Martha and I at Plaza de la Revolución in Havana, Cuba