S2 Ep. 2 Traveling to the City That Exists Once A Year

For those who attend festivals, some travel is a part of the adventure and for Burning Man attendees, it’s traveling “home.” This week Jeanine and Martha chat with special guest and burner babe, Lauren Hurley. Every year Lauren attends Burning Man, the community event where over 70,000 like-minded individuals come together and create a temporary city.

Lauren talks about the experience, the principles, and what it’s like going back “home.”

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Travel Essentials – What You Need to Pack for Your Next Trip

As a seasoned traveler, I have picked up things along the way that have made my life on the road easier and have also experienced some hiccups. I have finally gotten to a point where I now have a reliable list of products, packing hacks, and travel hacks I can count on. It took time getting to that point but I’m here to share my list of travel essentials. What you need to pack for your next trip are some of these tried and true products. Check them out…

Water Bottle

I personally love Hydro Flask because your beverage stays hot or cold (whatever temperature it is, it stays that way all day). I can easily fill up my bottle with water after I get through TSA and I don’t have to buy an overpriced bottled water at the airport. One of my favorite travel hacks not only saves money but also the environment.
Portable Charger

This is so essential if you have a long flight or are going to be out most the day. This one holds up to four full charges. I take a lot of photos on my phone so it’s essential that I have extra juice for my phone.Toiletry Bag

I keep a whole lot in this bag including all non-liquid toiletry items, make-up, nail clippers, hair brushes, and more. I also keep some bandages and alcohol wipes just in case. And a small sewing kit in case of any emergencies.

Liquids Bag

So this my TSA-approved bag that keeps all my 100ml/3.4 ounce liquids. It’s a compact pouch that does its job. It’s sturdy and clear so I can see everything inside.

Universal Adapter

This is a must for international travel. I have two that I take with me so I don’t have to keep unplugging things. I can charge my phone and do my hair.

Travel Pillow with Hood

This thing is a game-changer! Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit but it’s perfect for those that just want to chill out. Mine covers enough of my eyes if I need it to.

Eye Mask

These are not only great for getting some shut-eye on the flight but also if where you’re going to gets a lot of morning sun. Many hotels might have blackout curtains but if you’re staying at an Airbnb or hostel a mask may come in handy.

Ear Plugs

Some places are noisy or your travel mate might be a snorer, so take them just in case!Compression Socks

This is great for longer flights. They help maintain blood flow and reduce swelling. If you’re on a long flight, it’s important to get your blood flowing since you’re sitting down for 99% of your flight. These socks are super helpful.


These are self-explainable, right? Between the flight, taking public transportation around town, or just to chill-out, everyone should invest in some decent headphones.

Packing Cubes

My #1 packing hack! These packing cubes not only keep my suitcase organized they also make packing easier. I use the largest pack for bottoms and dresses, the medium size for tops and scarves, the smaller size for undergarments, and the two smallest sizes (including the drawstring pouch) for other items like my GoPro gear. I love these cubes because they have 2 zippers, the extra zipper is to compress the cube down and therefore saves you space.
Wet Bag

This is ideal if you’re taking your swimsuit along for the trip. Keep your wet swimwear in one place so it doesn’t get your other items damp.

Hydrating Face Masks

I pack these for long-haul flights and for longer trips. I try to use a mask at least once a week and I also wear one if I take a long-haul flight. Let’s be real, the dry air on the plane is no friend to our skin. Keep hydrated with a face mask! You may get some looks but your skin will thank you.

Zip pouch

Another one of my travel hacks is to carry a zip pouch and put all my loose items in. It easily fits in my seat pocket so I don’t have to keep reaching for my bag. This is where I put my portable charger, antibacterial wipes, a pen (in case you want to play a crossword puzzle or need to fill out a customs form), lip balm, hand lotion, and a couple cough drops (just in case). My zip pouch, book, and phone are all I need on a flight.Luggage Lock

If you’re paranoid like me take a luggage lock. I travel with my laptop and camera gear so I like to be extra secure and keep my suitcase and/or daypack locked up.

Travel Towel

This one will come in handy if you’re planning a beach vacation or staying at hostels. This one is compact and dries quickly.

Electronics Case

If you bring electronics or camera gear on your trips, an organizer like this one is beneficial. I’m able to keep USB cords, memory cards, my DSLR charger, external hard drive, and more in here. And it’s all organized! I don’t like having loose items in my suitcase or backpack so I love an organized travel case.Tote Bag

Just an extra bag to put unexpected things in or to use as a day bag to beach bag. It comes in handy if you end up having to check in your suitcase because you bought a couple of bottles of wine and still want to carry some things in the cabin.

I hope you enjoyed my travel guide with things to pack for your next trip. With many things to take on a trip, these are just some items that make life and packing a whole lot easier.

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S2 Ep. 1 And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Podcasting

Season 2 of Cameras, Passports, and Maps, Oh My! Travel Podcast is back!! In this Season 2 opener Jeanine has returned from her stay in Malaga, Spain this past fall and shares some of her Malaga and other Spain favorites with us. Martha is back from a Target run. She’s adjusting to being a new mom while starting to work again. This means she has to live vicariously through Jeanine’s past and upcoming travels. We are incredibly excited that we are back for another season and we can’t wait to share our experiences, stories, thoughts, and tips with you all!

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Things to Do in New Mexico

New Mexico is a stunning state with many beautiful cities. From the Native American culture to world-class art, to amazing cuisine, there are loads to experience. If you’re visiting the state and need a little inspiration, then keep reading and I’ll tell you my suggestions for things to do in New Mexico.

Santa Fe

The beautiful city of Santa Fe is not to be missed if you’re heading to New Mexico. Just an hour north of Albuquerque lies the smaller city with lots of Southwestern charm. If you’re a fan of art and the outdoors you’ll truly enjoy a trip to Santa Fe. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Santa Fe.

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Ep. 20 Jeanine’s Spanish Siesta

In this week’s podcast episode, Jeanine, and Martha say adios to the first season of Passports, Cameras & Maps, Oh My! They talk about Jeanine’s last trip to Spain along with plans for the next trip to Spain (hint, she loved it so much she went back). Want to know about some of the lovely things that have us in love with Spain? It’s more than just the tapas, wine and siestas (although, that doesn’t hurt either). Listen to the episode and find out.

Thanks for joining us on today’s chat! And always, thank you so much for listening!

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