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S3 Ep. 15: Four Weddings and Proposal Abroad

Today Darlene (Dee) Tintle who tells us about her beautiful proposal abroad joins us. She also tells us all about celebrating the beginning of her marriage with four weddings in various locations (including Rome).

This episode is definitely for those who love good proposal abroad. And if you’re thinking of having a wedding abroad or even an engagement shoot be sure to get the scoop. Dee tells us all about flying with a wedding dress, coordinating with the photographer, and more!

Stay tuned for all the memories of love and a little bit of drama as Dee gives us the deets on each wedding day. And how each one was made special and all the hiccups that came along the way.

Be sure to follow Dee on Instagram, @deelovesitphotography. She is a talented Los Angeles based photographer and does the amazing photo sessions with kids!

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