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Bellini Cocktail Recipe With Fresh Peach Purée

We’re going “around the world” with the Bellini to Venice, Italy. The Bellini cocktail is a brunch favorite that originated at Harry’s Bar in Venice. Founder, Giuseppe Cipriani created the beloved cocktail sometime between the 1930 and 1940s. Keep reading and I’ll show you by Bellini cocktail recipe made with fresh white peach purée.

how to make a peach bellini

Traditionally the cocktail is made with white peaches and prosecco, although yellow peaches are also delicious. You can also substitute the prosecco for any sparkling wine. This recipe is made the traditional way.

Bellini Peach Purée Recipe

What You’ll Need

White Peaches (about 3 will make enough purée for about 8 Bellinis)
Cutting Board
Cooking Pan

How to Make Peach Purée for Bellini

Wash your peaches then cut, pit, and peel them.

Cut peaches into smaller pieces and place in pan.
TIP: Put the peels aside, squeeze down on them to get access juice out, and place in pan.

Boil the peaches for 10 minutes at medium/low heat.

bellini cocktail recipe peach puree

Let the peaches cool for about 10 minutes, then blend until smooth.

 bellini cocktail recipe with peach pureeBellini Cocktail Recipe

2 parts – Prosecco
1 part – White peach purée
Peach garnish (optional)

What You’ll Need

White peach purée
Champagne flute

peach bellini cocktail recipe

How to Make a Bellini Cocktail

Pour prosecco into a champagne flute then pour the purée. Mix the two together with a barspoon. Add a peach slice as a garnish.

peach bellini cocktail recipe

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Bellini Cocktail RecipeBellini Cocktail Recipe