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Aperol Spritz Recipe | Cocktails to Drink in Italy

When you think of Italian cocktails a few may come to mind. And when you see wine glass filled with a bright-orange beverage there’s no doubt in your mind that it’s an Aperol Spritz. The Aperol Spritz, also known as Spritz Veneziano or just “Spritz,” is one of the most popular apéritifs in Italy. The history dates back to the early 1800s but the drink as we know it today was created in Padua, Italy in 1919 by the Barbieri Brothers. Keep reading for the Aperol Spritz recipe.

aperol spritz and aperol bottle

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aperol spritz recipe ingredients

What You’ll Need

Prosecco (or another sparkling wine)
Sparkling Water
Large Wine Glass

Prosecco Recommendations

There are many types of prosecco or sparkling wines you can use for your Aperol Spritz recipe. I personally use La Marca based on taste, availability, and price. It’s my go-to for Aperol Spritz, Mimosas, and Bellinis.


Aperol Spritz Recipe

3 parts – Prosecco
2 parts – Aperol
1 splash – Sparkling Water

As easy as 3-2-1!

Note: The back of your Aperol bottle will have a recipe that’s equal parts prosecco and Aperol with a splash of sparkling water. You can also follow this recipe if you want it more Aperol forward.

aperol spritz recipe ingredients

Did you know that Aperol Spritz is one of the most popular cocktails to drink in Italy?

aperol spritz apertivo
Aperol spritz in Como, Italy
How to Make an Aperol Spritz

Start by filling your glass with ice.
Then pour the prosecco and Aperol.
Add a splash of sparkling water.
Give it a quick stir.
Add a half orange wheel!

aperol spritz cocktail

Cheers! Enjoy your Aperol Spritz. And if you want more “Cocktails Around the World” check out my other recipes.

aperol spritz in womans hand

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