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S4 Ep. 13: Airplane Etiquette | The Unwritten Rules

To recline, or not to recline? That is the question in today’s episode! Jeanine and Martha discuss airplane etiquette, the unwritten rules that every traveler should keep in mind. From keeping window shades up or down, who gets the armrests, and exposing bare feet (EEK!), we talk about what you should and shouldn’t do when flying.

Even seasoned travelers don’t always play by the rules from rude passengers to questionable actions Jeanine and Martha tell us some of their experiences. So be sure to tune in if you want to hear about all the savageness!

We hope you enjoyed this episode and even if you don’t agree with some things (that’s okay) we hope you were entertained. Airplane etiquette will vary depending on where you are so it’s important to always keep an open mind.

Did we miss an important unwritten rule? Let us know what you think about airplane etiquette! We know there are many that we have missed so if you enjoyed this episode please let us know.

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