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4 of the Best Mount Shasta Viewpoints

Some of the most beautiful views of Mount Shasta are NOT at the Mount Shasta summit. These Mount Shasta vista points are actually lower in elevation and most are easily accessible (when there isn’t snow). If you’re heading to the Shasta Cascade region and wondering what to do in Mount Shasta or into Shasta photography check out these beautiful Mount Shasta viewpoints.

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Best Mount Shasta Viewpoints

4 – Lake Siskiyou 

The view from Lake Siskiyou is easy to get to unless there is a lot of snow. And if you’re looking for a view of a lake. For one of the best views from Lake Siskiyou, go to Cable Beach. Just type in “Cable Beach Parking & Trailhead” into Google Maps. There’s is a parking lot and the lake is just a short walk away. 

There are plenty of picnic tables so it’s a great place to stop and have lunch. When the lake is still there’s a gorgeous reflection of Mount Shasta. This is one a classic Mount Shasta viewpoints.

view of lake sisikyou in shasta california

3 – Highway 97 

There’s a viewpoint along Highway 97 that’s called “Highway 97 Shasta Viewpoint” in Google Maps. This viewpoint isn’t bad but if you SAFELY pull off to the side of the road you’ll have more of a straight-on shot of Mount Shasta.

woman in the road on highway 97 in mount shasta viewpoint

Yes, I did run in the middle of the road and I am not suggesting you do that. However whatever you do decide to do, PLEASE be careful. And enjoy this cool view that many who are traveling from the south probably rarely get to see.

2 – Heart Lake

Heart Lake is absolutely stunning! You’ll need to hike from Castle Lake which is about a 7-mile drive up a paved mountain road from Lake Siskiyou. The Heart Lake hike itself is about 2-3 miles. The path can be a bit unclear so do use the AllTrails app to follow the map. It’s said to be beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

If you’re coming to visit in the middle of winter to the beginning of spring please note that the lake will be frozen. If it recently snowed the road might not be accessible or you may need chains. The hike will also be snowy. 

woman on mountain with view of mount shasta

If there’s fresh snow be prepared with snowshoes and trekking poles which you can rent from a store such as REI or you can purchase a pair. When the snow starts getting more compacted and icy I recommend microspikes/crampons and trekking poles.

1 – Bunny Flat Mount Shasta

The “bunny flats” is one of the BEST places for sunset because as the sun is setting it turns the snow-capped peak a golden-pink color. It’s absolutely beautiful! Of course, there has to be a decent amount of snow on the top of the mountains but even without being so high up in elevation and so close to the mountain is incredible and such a great view. 

If you’re looking for directions to Mount Shasta, then just type in “Bunny Flat Trailhead” to Google Maps. This is the closest you’ll get to Mount Shasta by car.

woman at mountain with view of mount shasta at sunset


There are several viewpoints just off the different freeways. These are pull-offs with parking, and extremely easy to get to. Below are a few viewpoints. You can type the below names into Google Maps or use the coordinates.

Mount Shasta Vista Point – off the 5 Freeway
41.1325816, -122.3217036

Mt. Shasta Vista Point – off Highway 89
41.2606019, -121.9612605

John Everitt Memorial Vista Point – off Highway A10
41.3359221, -122.2550215

woman at mountain top with view of mount shasta

Common Questions About Mount Shasta

Where is Mount Shasta National Park? 

Mount Shasta isn’t actually a national park but is part of the National Park Service and is a National Natural Landmark. It is one of the world’s largest stratovolcanoes and contains five glaciers! It’s located one hour north of Redding in Northern California.

woman in road at mount shasta

What is the elevation of Mount Shasta?

Mount Shasta elevation is 14,180 feet (4,322 meters). Shasta mountain four overlapping volcanic cones. Shastina is the highest at 12,335 feet (3,760 meters).

How big is Mount Shasta?

The area that is managed by the National Park Service is 7,918 acres!

Plan Your Trip

Where to Stay

You can start your trip in Redding, it’s the major city in the area and has a municipal airport. You then can stay in the town of Shasta to explore the surrounding area. There aren’t as many accommodations in Shasta as there are in Redding so hotels and Airbnbs book up quickly during peak season.

Shasta Hotels


Redding Hotels

There are many hotels in Redding. For a comfortable, clean, and affordable stay I recommend Americana Modern Hotel. I stayed there two nights in a row and have nothing but great things to say. The staff is warm and welcoming, the rooms are well equipped, and the location is convenient. They’re also across the street from a Dutch Bros so you can easily grab your coffee before starting your adventure!

photos courtesy of Americana Modern Hotel

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