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How to Find Cheap Flights

International travel can come off as expensive when you start factoring in all the costs. The flight can usually be the most expensive part of the trip but it doesn’t have to be if you find a great deal. Want to know the best way to find cheap flight deals? There’s a tool you can use to find flight deals and it’s called Dollar a Flight Club. That’s right! With this service, you get access to cheap flight alerts for both international and domestic flights. 

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Dollar Flight Club is by far the best way to get flight deals sent to you! 

How does Dollar Flight Club work?

The team at Dollar Flight Club is always on the lookout for the best flight deals. They ingest flight data from various sources to identify deals sitting 60-90% below the average round-trip price. When they find these amazing deals travel alerts are sent to the subscribers based on their settings.

And when you have a premium account you can set your home airport destination, you’ll receive all the flight deal alerts that fly from that airport. You receive these alerts via email and premium subscribers can also sign up for text alerts. Obviously, the quicker you are alerted the quicker you can jump on a deal.

How good are these deals? 

On average, Dollar Flight Club saves its subscribers $500+ on a round trip international flights, typically 60-90% off standard ticket prices. In the alert emails, you are also given the average standard price along with the price savings. This allows you to travel more for less!

What’s the best way to use Dollar Flight Club?

The best way to get the most out of Dollar Flight Club is to make a list of ALL your bucket list travel destinations. You can take it a step further and do a little bit of research on the best times to go (for example, if you’re wanting to go to a tropical place you might want to know when hurricane season is) and if there’s a certain time of year you’d prefer (example: Japan in early April for cherry blossom season or Rio de Janeiro in late February for carnival).

Now that you have a list, when a deal comes up for a destination you can take full advantage and book quickly (because deals don’t stick around very long). 

But I want to go to a specific destination at a specific time…

Dollar Flight Club works best if you have flexibility. This means that if you want to go to Greece in June you would have to wait if and when that deal ever comes up. Instead, if you just want to go to Greece and are flexible on when or have a larger time window to work with then wait for the deal and book the trip. Or if you have time off during a specific time of year then book a deal based on what is available then. This is why the list works so well!

But how many alerts do I get on average?

I can get up to several flight deal alerts each day and these go to my email and are also sent via text message. YOU control the notifications! I like receiving text messages because I see them right away and I can act fast so I am likely to get the best fare before they’re gone. 

Can I book my flight with Dollar Flight Club?

Dollar Flight Club is a third-party service so no bookings are done directly with them. Instead, each alert will give you instructions on how to book. Typically you’ll be given travel dates to play around with. I use Google Flights to do a search which allows me to see which dates are the cheapest.

Why sign up for Dollar Flight Club?

Why spend hours searching for your next international flight when Dollar Flight Club will find your next amazing adventure for you? They aggregate flight data and look for the outliers so you find that amazing flight deal without lifting a finger. Dollar Flight Club looks for international flights that have an average savings of over $500 USD… If you buy just one flight with your annual subscription, the service pays for itself 12-15x.

Why get the Premium subscription?

– Every single flight deal for their departure airport.. 4x more than Free Members (more likely to find a deal that works for them)
– Filter by specific departure airport(s).
– 4x mistake fares and secret deals.
– Instant SMS text alerts.
– Get deal alerts first, before free members
– No ads (just straight flight deals)
– Premium Membership Partner Perks

Want to save $500+ on your next international flight? Join this flight club and pay significantly less for roundtrip international flights! Sign up for a free 14-day trial on the Premium subscription.

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