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13 of the Best Los Angeles Skyline Views

downtown la skyline view at night from griffith observatory

Want to find the best skyline views in LA? I got you! I’ve got you covered Downtown, Silverlake/Echo Park area, Northeast LA, and even Hollywood. Here are 13 of the Best Los Angeles skyline views from an LA native.

woman sitting with phone in hand at dtla skyline view from vista hermosa park los angeles

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13 of the Best Los Angeles Skyline Views

110 freeway overpass los angeles skyline view

Figueroa and Centennial St in Chinatown

Looking for views in Los Angeles that are a short drive from Downtown? On top of a hill in a residential area in Chinatown, one of LA’s cultural neighborhoods is this Los Angeles skyline view. The electrical wires give this a more urban look and it’s still a pretty underrated spot of the LA skyline.

Please be respectful when visiting this residential area. You may want to stand in the middle of the road to get your shot. Go with at least one other person to keep a lookout for cars in all directions. Be mindful and move when you see a car approaching.

la skyline from chinatown residential area figueroa and centennial

4th Street Bridge 

The 4th Street Bridge is famous for photoshoots and videos. So was the old 6th Street Bridge that is still under construction. There are various spots along the bridge where you can the LA skyline in the background. 

This spot is beautiful at any time of the day, especially at sunset, and super cool at night. 

woman at 4th street bridge downtown la los angeles skyline night

Vista Hermosa Park

You’ll want to walk to the top of the hilly park to get the best views of the Los Angeles skyline. That’s where you’ll find the best seat in the house, the bench! It’s one of the best places to enjoy the view Los Angeles has to offer.

vista hermosa park downtown los angeles skyline view

TIP: Enter from the north entrance on Colton or walk up from the parking lot on the other side to find the bench

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake is a park in the neighborhood of Echo Park with a man-made lake. The lake features a huge water fountain and has an incredible Los Angeles skyline view. You can ride one of the swan boats in the lake or take your dog for a walk around the lake.

echo park lake la skyline view

I do want to point out that over time this park has had an increase in the homeless population. It has also become less of a hotspot to relax and have a picnic with friends. Although you will see plenty of tents here the view of Los Angeles is incredible. 

Elysian Park

Elysian Park is a huge park that is minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. There are many spots within the park that offer amazing views of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline. Below are some of my fave viewpoints.

woman in red dress at los angeles skyline viewpoint from angels point elysian park
Angels Point

Angels Point
Secret Swing (marked as Secret Swing Angels Point on Google Maps)
Elysian Park Helipad

Ernest E Debs Park 

Ernest E Debbs might be the most underrated spot on this list but it’s an absolute stunner. Golden hour offers the best views in LA. There is parking on the lower level of the park. Then you’ll have to hike up a hill to get to the areas where you can see the skyline. Once you’re in this area you’ll have plenty of options for Los Angeles skyline views. 

Ernest E Debs Park los angeles skyline view at sunset
photo by: Steve Busch

Ascot Hills Park

Ascot Hills Park is a hilly park in El Sereno. It’s popular for hiking and trail running and has a beautiful view of the Downtown LA skyline. Parking is free and the skyline view is about a 10 to 15-minute walk from the closest parking area.

woman in pink top at Ascot Hills park at golden hour la skyline with hand in air

TIP: Sunset is beautiful at Ascot Hills Park. If you want to see the Los Angeles skyline glowing this is the best time to come.

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is a staple in Los Angeles. If you’re visiting the city it’s a must. This Los Angeles viewpoint is epic! And if you’re looking for city views at night be sure to stick around for nightfall. Opt to have a sunset picnic on the grass and wait for the sun to go down.

woman sitting at griffith observatory los angeles skyline night views la

TIP: Parking can be expensive at the Griffith Observatory so park in the area near the Greek Theatre. This parking area is free but you will have to walk up the hill (it’s a steady incline) for about 15-20 minutes. 

110 Freeway Overpass 

The 110 Freeway Overpass is on Park Row Drive between Grand View Drive and Buena Vista Drive. Here is where you’ll enjoy the city view Los Angeles has to offer. 

You’ll have to get a stand on the narrow sidewalk near the railing to get a good photo or video. Please note that if you have a fear of heights this can be a frightening spot as you are high up over the freeway. 

woman and small white maltese dog at 110 bridge overpass downtown los angeles skyline view at dusk

PHOTO TIP: If you want to be in the photo it’s easier to have a wide-angle camera lens so that the photographer can also stand on the sidewalk. If not standing in the middle of the street is another option but this is also very dangerous because the street is narrow. It’s also a bad angle because the sidewalk is a good foot or so higher than the street.

Mulholland Scenic Overlook 

The Mulholland Scenic Overlook, also known as the Mulholland Drive Overlook and Mulholland Drive View, is one of the most beautiful night views in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a night city view where can see LA’s sparkling lights, this is where you should go!

Los Angeles Skyline at Night Mulholland Drive Overlook

Hollywood Bowl Overlook 

The Hollywood Bowl Overlook is also known as the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook above the Hollywood Bowl. This is a majestic view of the LA skyline with mountains and greenery. It’s absolutely beautiful at sunrise but also an amazing Los Angeles night view.

Griffith Park Trails 

The hiking trails at Griffith Park have some of the most stunning views of the skyline of LA. If you’re looking for a short hike go to the Griffith Helipad. Up for a longer hike? Hike to Cahuenga Peak, also known as the back of the Hollywood Sign Hike. From the back of the iconic Hollywood sign, you’ll find the skyline, Los Angeles in the distance. 

woman and dog sitting at the griffith helipad with la skyline downtown view
Griffith Helipad

Griffith Helipad
Cahuenga Peak
Wisdom Tree
Observatory Trail

woman at Cahuenga Peak hollywood sign griffith hiking trails LA skyline hike
Cahuenga Peak
Wisdom Tree Hike

There are so many epic views in Los Angeles but there’s nothing like the LA skyline. While there are many great views in and near Downtown, you’ll find incredible views as far as Hollywood. I hope you enjoyed this list of the Best Los Angeles skyline views.

woman at Griffith Observatory downtown la skyline view

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