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How to Spend 24 Hours in Marfa, Texas

Marfa is a small town located in the western part of Texas, about a three-hour drive away from El Paso. The town is widely known for the mysterious “Marfa Lights” and art. The town has a population of 2000 yet draws in major crowds during some of its annual festivals. The downtown area is quite charming while most of the city can be described as a bit quirky. If you’re planning a quick stop this is how to spend 24 hours in Marfa.

greetings from marfa texas

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How to Get to Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas is in a bit of the remote location as the two closest major airports is a 3-hour drive away. You can fly into El Paso or Midland, then rent a car to start your journey to Marfa. Marfa does have a small municipal airport however it’s just for private charters. Another option is to take the Amtrak train to Alpine and drive from there. The drive is only 26 miles.

*Note: El Paso and Marfa are in different timezones. Marfa is ahead by one hour.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Marfa

Day One

Visit the Famous Marfa, Texas Prada Store

marfa prada store


The Marfa Prada store gained popularity through the years but still remains an underrated gem.  This “store” isn’t a function store but a permanent sculptural art installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragse. It’s been a roadside stop since 2005. And if you only have 24 hours in Marfa this should be on your list.

Start your drive into Marfa and make a visit to the Prada store on your way in. The Marfa Prada store is not located in Marfa, but just outside in the town of Valentine. If you’re coming from El Paso you’ll pass through Valentine to get to Marfa.

woman at stardust marfa sign

TIP: This route is best if you’re coming from El Paso or if you’re planning your drive from west to east. If you’re going back to El Paso you can also opt to skip this stop and visit on your way out of Marfa.

Lunch at Al Campo Wine & Bistro

Head into Marfa and have lunch at Al Campo and if the weather is right opt for outdoor seating.  It’s a great place to chill, have a delicious lunch, and a glass of wine. The cuisine is South-American inspired with a modern Texas twist so you’ll find things like carne mechada to queso on the menu.

al campo restaurant marfa
Visit The Chinati Foundation

In the mood for some art? Marfa is an art hub so you’ll find plenty of places check out cool art. The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum with unique outdoor art installations.

chianti foundation marfa

Shop at the Wrong Store

Shop small and local at the Wrong Store. This co-op is a collection of products and art by curated by Buck Johnston and Camp Bosworth. Everything here is super unique and you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

wrong store marfa

Dinner at Cochineal

After a day of exploring and taking in all the amazing art head to Cochineal for an incredible dinner. It’s the go-to spot in Marfa if you’re looking for a fine dining experience. Cochineal will not disappoint, they have an amazing menu! So whether you like fish, steak, or you’re vegan they have something for you.

See the Mysterious Marfa Lights

End the night with an experience you’ll never forget. The mysterious Marfa Lights are somewhat of a phenomenon that nobody can really explain. There’s a view area although locals seem to drive further out down one of the smaller streets off the main highway. Hang out after dark and wait for the Marfa Lights.

woman at see marfa lights sign

Stay at El Cosmico

Stay the night at El Cosmic for a fun glamping experience you won’t forget. This isn’t like any other “glampsite” there are also cool stationery RVs you can stay in that have all the amenities most hotels offer.


Day Two

Eat Breakfast Burritos at Marfa Burritos

Wake up for breakfast before hitting the road at a spot known for their breakfast burritos. Check out photos from celebrities who absolutely loved their burritos, the wall is lined with them.

marfa burritos breakfast

Go on a Photo Tour of Downtown

After grabbing a morning bite go explore the Downtown area of Marfa. The pink firehouse will give you Wes Anderson vibes and the water tower really has that small-town feel. There are a lot of things to see in the area. And don’t forget to drop off any postcards at the post office.

Have Coffee at Farma Coffee – (Marfa Sign)

Before leaving Marfa fuel up with some coffee at Farma. And take a pic with the Marfa sign just outside. It makes for a fun souvenir and memory!

woman at greetings from marfa mural

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