S2 Ep. 3 New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment

On today’s episode, we talk about the BEAUTIFUL state of New Mexico! Jeanine (@lewildexplorer) recently went on a Southwest road trip that took her through New Mexico. She’ll tell where she went (some parks), what she saw (gorgeous white sand), what she ate (not green chile pie) and all about the Breaking Bad spots (so many!). For a detailed list of locations and to see the incredible pictures of Jeanine’s New Mexico adventure visit LeWildExplorer.com and search New Mexico or follow this link. Thanks for listening and tune in next week!

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Things to Do in New Mexico

New Mexico is a stunning state with many beautiful cities. From the Native American culture to world-class art, to amazing cuisine, there are loads to experience. If you’re visiting the state and need a little inspiration, then keep reading and I’ll tell you my suggestions for things to do in New Mexico.

Santa Fe

The beautiful city of Santa Fe is not to be missed if you’re heading to New Mexico. Just an hour north of Albuquerque lies the smaller city with lots of Southwestern charm. If you’re a fan of art and the outdoors you’ll truly enjoy a trip to Santa Fe. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Santa Fe.

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