S4 Ep. 1: Los Angeles’ Cultural Neighborhoods

Welcome back!! This is now season 4 of Oh My Travel Podcast! Can y’all believe it?!
Today we are discussing a few of the many cultural neighborhoods that Los Angeles has. Many of us can’t always get away or can only go so far away but we still want to get the feel for other countries, what better way then through food?! We hope you enjoy today’s episode.
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Los Angeles Cultural Neighborhoods To Visit

There are so many things to love about Los Angeles. It’s my home, it’s where my family is, and where many other things and places I love are. As much as I love traveling it always feels good to be home. And I never have to wander too far to feel like I’m somewhere completely different. If you want to “travel the world” in a few days, come to LA and experience many cultures in one city. Here is my list of Los Angeles cultural neighborhoods to visit.


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24 Hours in Lake Tahoe

There is a little bit of everything in Lake Tahoe. You have casinos on the Nevada side, snow in the wintertime along with ski resorts and other snow sport activities. For the summertime visitors it the perfect place for swimming in the crystal clear waters. Other water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking, jet skiing, boating, and more are at your fingertips. But if you have a limited time there are some beautiful sights and activities that you can still participate in. I share my Lake Tahoe itinerary and how you what 24 hours in Lake Tahoe looks like if you’re visiting during the summer.

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Best Photo Spots in Lake Tahoe 

Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States and straddles on the California/Nevada border. The alpine area makes the lake unique as its surrounded by mountains and pine trees. In the colder months, it’s a winter wonderland and during the summer the gorgeous blue water makes you feel like you’re in paradise. It’s an absolute dream place to photograph since you have different elements to capture. If you’re planning a visit then check out my list of the best photo spots in Lake Tahoe.

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S3 Ep. 11: Summertime Travel Destinations in the USA!

This week we’re talking about some fun places to travel to this summer and they’re all the in the U.S! If you’re looking to take a domestic trip this summer and need some inspiration, tune in!

Jeanine’s Recommendations:

West Coast
Southern Oregon
• Crater Lake and the Painted Hills
Catalina Island, California
• Camping adventure or relaxed hotel stay
Central California National Parks
• Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park

Wyoming National Park Road Trip
•Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park

Martha’s Recommendations:

West Coast 
San Diego, CA
• LEGOLand, San Diego Zoo & Safari, Old Town San Diego, the beach!

East Coast
Bar Harbor, Maine
• Echo Lake, Acadia National Park, hiking, camping, and the beach
Orlando, Florida
• Disney World, Universal, Crayola Experience, Gatorland, Sealife Aquarium

Denver, Colorado
• Denver Botanical Gardens, Trout Haven Ranch Trout Pond, Butterfly Pavilion & Insect Center, Denver Zoo, Downtown Denver Aquarium, Denver, Art Museum & Rocky Mountain National Park.

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