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S3 Ep. 7: Valle De Guadalupe Pt 1

Hi Everyone!! This episode is about Valle De Guadalupe in Enseñada Mexico.

My sisters and I celebrated my cousins 38th birthday in Valle De Guadalupe which is Baja California’s wine country. It was perfect for us because it’s so close to Los Angeles and can make it a fun weekend trip. Day trip if you’re short on time, which is what we did.

We left Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon, making it back to Los Angeles at about 5pm because the line at the border was no joke!
This will be a two-part episode with my beautiful sister Adriana (@sexipuedo), joining me as a guest. Jeanine couldn’t make it because she was getting ready for her trip to Ibiza! (I know, I’m jealous too)
This episode will cover the first part of our trip and places we went to and enjoyed.
La Cocina de Doña Esthela
Decantos Vinícola
Las Nubes
Don Tomás Viñedo

Hope you all enjoy the episode!!

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