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S3 Ep. 19: Zero Waste Living and Sustainable Travel

On today’s episode of Oh My! Travel Podcast, we have special guest Monica Rosquillas aka Girl For A Clean World. Monica is a California-native who is now living in Spain. Monica tells us about the eco differences between the States and Spain, for instance, to-go coffee cups aren’t as common in Spain and other parts of Europe. She also gives us insight into zero waste living and sustainable travel. Along with other things you can do to work towards being less wasteful.

Be sure to tune in as Monica gives us tips on how to incorporate sustainable travel into your trips. In addition, these tips will help you to become less wasteful and you’ll help save the planet. Win-win!

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Some of Monica’s Zero Waste Tips:
  • Drink coffee in a cafe and avoid a to-go cup.
  • Try thrift shopping instead of buying new.
  • Switch to a shampoo bar and avoid buying another plastic bottle.
  • Buy local from artisans and know exactly where your item was made
  • Always have a water bottle in your bag and fill up whenever you see a potable water source.

Tune in for a whole lot more of Monica’s helpful tips!

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