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S3 Ep. 17: Trips That Ruined Friendships

On this week’s episode of Oh My! Travel Podcast, we are sharing YOUR stories! Some of our listeners emailed us, messaged us, or directly shared with us their travel break up stories. Traveling with people even your best friends can be a challenge. You don’t always agree and sometimes you break up. This episode of a collection of stories from trips that ruined friendships.

We get it, travel can be hard. You’re adjusting to a different climate, the atmosphere isn’t the same, and your schedule has now been disrupted. This can be a recipe for a mess. Luckily for YOU some of our fabulous listeners are sharing their crazy travel stories.

So sit back and enjoy the entertainment. From girls getaway gone wrong to a couples trip that exposed infidelity, tune in for all the drama!

As always, thank you for listening to our listener’s stories about trips that ruined friendships. We hope it was entertaining! Feel free to write us on our Instagram, Twitter, & the Le Wild Explorer blog with your questions, comments & anything else that’s on your mind! Follow us at @ohmytravelpodcast, @lewildexplorer, & @marthagetsit.