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S2 Ep. 6 Our Love for Narcos: Mexico and Mexico Today

With the popularity of Narcos: Mexico, we decided to dedicate today’s episode to the Netflix show and to one of Jeanine (@lewildexplorer) and Martha’s (@marthagetsit) favorite countries. Mexico in the 1980s was very different than it is today. Although the country has its fair share of drugs and corruption, it isn’t like it once was.

In the episode, we talk about Jeanine’s recent trip to Mexico and compare today’s Guadalajara to the Guadalajara portrayed in Narcos: Mexico. We talk about safety and how Jeanine felt when she was solo for her first two days in the city, and where else she traveled to during her stay.

Curious about traveling to Mexico? A fan of the Netflix show? Be sure to tune in!

Thanks for joining us on today’s chat! And always, thank you so much for listening!

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