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Looking for the Oh My! Travel Podcast past episode? Here you’ll find episodes from past seasons. Tune in to every episode starting from season 1.

Oh My! Travel Podcast Season 4

S4 Ep. 19: COVID-19 Lockdown in Colombia
S4 Ep. 18: COVID-19 Lockdown in Copenhagen
S4 Ep. 17: COVID-19 Lockdown in Buenos Aires
S4 Ep. 16: Virtual Travel Parties | How to Travel From Home
S4 Ep. 15: Staying Connected with Friends & Family Abroad
S4 Ep. 14: Flying During COVID-19 | The Journey Home
S4 Ep. 13: Airplane Etiquette | The Unwritten Rules
S4 Ep. 12: Canceled Travel Plans & Self Isolation
S4 Ep. 11: Chatting with Latino World Travelers, A Latinx Travel Community
S4 Ep. 10: Traveling Mexico, Peru, & Bolivia | Winter Travel Recap
S4 Ep. 9: Traveling Peru | Live from Machu Picchu with Guest Mikala
S4 Ep. 8: Oktoberfest
S4 Ep. 7: Coronavirus- Staying Healthy While Traveling
S4 Ep. 6: Food Experiences in Bangkok, Thailand
S4 Ep 5: Visiting Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico
S4 Ep. 4: Manifesting Travel in the New Year
S4 Ep. 3: Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia
S4 Ep. 2: Recap Hiatus Travel
S4 Ep. 1: Los Angeles’ Cultural Neighborhoods

Oh My! Travel Podcast Season 3

S3 Ep. 20: Hiking Mount Fuji with Guest Deanna Lu
S3 Ep. 19: Zero Waste Living and Sustainable Travel
S3 Ep. 18: Traveling While Pregnant
S3 Ep. 17: Trips That Ruined Friendships
S3 Ep. 16: Vegan Travel with guest Jennifer Valentini
S3 Ep. 15: Four Weddings and Proposal Abroad
S3 Ep. 14: Planning A Trip to Paris with Kids – Part 2
S3 Ep. 13: Planning A Trip to Paris with Kids – Part 1
S3 Ep. 12: Reunited and It Feels So Good
S3 Ep. 11: Summertime Travel Destinations in the USA!
S3 Ep. 10: Summertime Travel Destinations Abroad!
S3 Ep. 9: Primavera Sound in Barcelona
S3 Ep. 8: Valle De Guadalupe Part 2
S3 Ep. 7: Valle De Guadalupe Pt 1
S3 Ep. 6: Catching Up When Your BF is in Spain
S3 Ep. 5: Underrated Montenegro
S3 Ep. 4: I’d Live in Portland, Maybe!
S3 Ep. 3: Drone-ing with the Homies
S3 Ep. 2: Travel Apps That Make Your Travel & Phone Smarter
S3 Ep. 1: Game of Thrones Filming Locations Around the World

Oh My! Travel Podcast Season 2

S2 Ep. 20: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight (For Now)
S2 Ep. 19: Traveling By Plane With A 1-Year Old
S2 Ep. 18: Underrated Nicaragua
S2 Ep. 17: Phuck-IT and Go to Thailand!
S2 Ep. 16: Hotels, Motels, Hostels
S2 Ep. 15: Including Your Kids in Your Travel Plans and Adventures
S2 Ep. 14: Galentine’s Day Girl Trip Ideas
S2 Ep. 13: Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year Around the World!
S2 Ep. 12: How to Renew Your U.S. Passport
S2 Ep. 11: Sh*t Down Shutdown
S2 Ep. 10: Q&A’s from Paris to the USA
S2 Ep. 9: Happy 2019 from The Rose Parade!
S2 Ep. 8: Christmas filled w/Krampus, Tamales, & KFC
S2 Ep. 7: Bucket Lists…Lists…Lists…
S2 Ep. 6: Our Love for Narcos: Mexico and Mexico Today
S2 Ep. 5: Traveling As A Makeup Artist
S2 Ep. 4: Volunteering Abroad with UNICEF in South Africa
S2 Ep. 3: New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment
S2 Ep. 2: Traveling to the City That Exists Once A Year
S2 Ep. 1: And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Podcasting

Oh My! Travel Podcast Season 1

Ep. 20: Jeanine’s Spanish Siesta
Ep. 19: Underrated Travel Locations: Guatemala
Ep. 18: Big Lovin’ Utah’s National Parks
Ep. 17: Packing Light; What You Really Need
Ep. 16: Pod Q&A – Unlimited Data Abroad?
Ep. 15: A Little Bit of Work Travel & A Lot A Bit of Soccer
Ep. 14: South Africa Travel Tips & World Cup 2010
Ep. 13: Thank you, Anthony Bourdain
Ep. 12: Iceland & Panama; Let’s Explore the World Cup Newbies
Ep. 11: Korean Spa Day… kinda
Ep. 10: Back to Life, Back from the Philippines
Ep. 9: Tips for Travel Beginners
Ep. 8: Some of our Favorite Places
Ep. 7: Solo Dolo Traveling
Ep. 6: Road Trip Tips & Gas Station Snacks
Ep. 5: Pod Q&A – Strangers?
Ep. 4: 2018 Travel Plan, Planning
Ep. 3: Packing For Hiking Trips; Don’t Forget Your Poop Shovel!
Ep. 2: How to Get the Cheapest Airfare; Bc We’re Poor
Ep. 1: Intro to Podcast