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Chino Hills State Park Wildflowers

woman at yellow flowers field in california chino hills

Spring brings wildflowers to Southern California but a superbloom only happens when there’s a sufficient amount of rain. Luckily each spring there are plenty of areas that have yellow flowers in California. From the colors of The Flower Fields in Carlsbad to the beautiful wild lilies of Calla Lily Valley in Carmel, there’s a gem in the hills of SoCal. Chino Hills State Park in Chino Hills, California is the best place to find yellow wildflowers in California. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the yellow wildflowers at Chino Hills State Park.yellow wildflowers chino hills state park

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Chino Hills State Park Wildflowers | Yellow Flowers in California

Chino Hills State Park is over 14,000 acres and has over 90 miles of hiking trails. So if you’re looking for Chino Hills trails this is where to go.

Chino Hills State Park Information

Here are some basic things to know about visiting Chino Hills Park. 

Main Entrance – 4721 Sapphire Rd, Chino Hills, CA 91709
Brea Entrance – 4500 Carbon Canyon Rd, Brea, CA 92823

October 1st – 1st Sunday in April, 8 am – 5 pm
1st Sunday in April – September 30th, 8 am – 7 pm

When to go: March to May

Entrance: $5 (to be paid at the kiosk or the pay station by the kiosk, right next to the restrooms)

woman at chino hills hiking trail with yellow wildflowers

Important Notes When Visiting

  • Stay on the trails
  • Don’t pick or walk on the flowers
  • No dogs are allowed on the trails
  • Be aware of wildlife and watch out for rattlesnakes 
  • Leave No Trace

Black mustard flowers along hiking trail in chino hills state park california

Chino Hills State Park Trails

There are many trails inside the park. Whether you are looking for Chino Hills hiking trails to hike or just want to check out the Chino Hills yellow flowers, the trails are going to be your best bet.

You don’t have to go far and because parking at each trailhead is limited it’s suggested to either have some trails in mind or check out the trail where you find parking. You really can’t go wrong!

Check out more trails here to see the Chino Hills State Park yellow flowers.

Tips for Checking Out the Chino Hills State Park Flowers

  • Opt to go on a weekday
  • Go early (opens at 8 am) or go about two hours before close (closes at 5 pm before the 1st Sunday in April and 7 pm after that) to beat the crowds 
  • Drive inside the park (don’t park outside), pay the $5 fee, and park at one of the trailheads
  • Take a trail (you don’t need to go very far to get good photos)

woman at yellow field of flowers chino hills state park california

Chino Hills Flowers Photo Tips

  • Wear comfy shoes, you will be walking in dirt
  • Take photos between the tall flowers but stay on the trail
  • Work with your angles to capture the sea of yellow flowers
  • Be sure to capture the rolling yellow hills in the distance 
  • See the above tips to avoid crowds
  • Take one of the many trails and keep walking until you find a good spot

woman in field of flowers

What to Bring

Water – take an insulated water bottle. It gets hot in the area and you’ll definitely want your water to stay cold. I love my HydroFlask water bottle for water.

Cold Beverage – I love a cold beverage after a hike or during my drive. I usually bring an iced matcha latte on drives with me. My RTIC 20 oz. tumbler keeps all my beverages cold (or hot if it’s a hot beverage).

Hat – There is no shade at the park so bring a hat to give yourself some protection.

Sunscreen – The sun is brutal, protect your face with a moisturizing cream with SPF. I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 50. And put sunscreen on your body. 

Camera – I use my iPhone 12 Pro Max for video and some photos but my primary camera is a Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera. I also use my Nikon D5300 but prefer to travel with the Sony on hikes because it’s lighter.

Tripod – If you’re flying solo or want to snap a pic with your travel buddy bring a lightweight tripod. But please remember you are sharing the trails and be cautious of where you’re placing the tripod.

woman hikeing between yellow windflowers at chino hills state park california

More Places to See Yellow Wildflowers Flowers California

If you won’t be heading to see the Chino Hills Superbloom here are some other places to see the yellow mustard flower in California

  • Malibu Creek State Park – Malibu
  • Water Tank Trail – Laguna Beach
  • Turnbull Canyon – Whittier/Hacienda Heights
  • Icopi Farms – Half Moon Bay

yellow flowers chino hills state park california

The Chino Hills yellow flowers are quite a sight to see. I hope you found this post helpful and enjoy check out the Chino Hills mustard flowers!


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