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Cable Cars in La Paz, Bolivia | Riding Mi Teleférico

Riding the cable cars (teleférico) is one of the most fun things to do in La Paz. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to see the city. At only 3 bolivianos (about .44 cents USD), this is definitely a budget-friendly way to get around and experience the city like a local. Keep reading this guide to riding the cable cars in La Paz, Bolivia.

View from Silver Line

Officially called Mi Teleférico, this aerial cable car transit system connects the cities of La Paz and El Alto. What used to be an hour drive is now only a 10-minute ride. There are currently over 30 stations and 10 lines. Taking the teleférico for the first time can seem intimidating but if you’ve used any subway system in the past you’ll get the hang of it rather quickly.

Yellow Line Between Buenos Aires Station and Mirador Station

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Things to know

Monday-Saturday 06:00 to 23:00
Sunday 07:00 to 21:00

If there are any changes in the schedule due to a holiday, street festival, or maintenance, it’ll be posted on Mi Teleférico’s Instagram.

TIP: If you’re planning to transfer lines let the attendant know when buying your ticket, your fare will be 5 bolivianos instead of paying bolivianos, 2 separate times.

View of Chualluma from Red Line (see below for directions on how to get there)

Things To Do in La Paz and Which Line to Take

Red line

Estación Central:

Estación Central – The station is an attraction on its own. It has some good restaurants and a nice courtyard that perfect for some photos!

Estación Central
Estación Central courtyard

Terminal De Buses La Paz – The bus station for those who are visiting another city in Bolivia
10-minute walk from the station


Cementerio General de La Paz – The city’s above-ground cemetery with beautiful street art. (a quick walk from the station)

Cementerio General de La Paz seen from Red Line

Chualluma – A colorful neighborhood that can easily be seen when riding the red line between Cementerio and 16 de Julio. To visit the village get off on the Cementerio station and take a quick taxi or walk up (although it’s quite a trek).

Chualluma from Red Line
Who needs a drone when you have this view from the Red Line?
Chualluma mural

16 de Julio:

El Alto Market – Bustling street market
10-minute walk from the station

El Alto Market

Cholitas Wrestling – A popular tourist attraction, this is where you’ll see Cholitas (the indigenous women of Bolivia who often wear tiered skirts, have long braids and wear a bowler hat) wrestle in full-on garb.
20-minute walk or 10-minute taxi ride from the station

Blue Line

From 16 de Julio to Rio Seco:

“The Cholets” – Ride the teleférico from the beginning to the end of the line to see “the cholets” from above. Cholets is a building style of made popular by architect, Freddy Mamani. The funky looking buildings are a must-see!

Purple Line

San Jose:

Red Cap City Walking Tours at Plaza San Pedro – Highly recommended walking tour company. Their city tour gives a great overview of some of the city’s highlights. They offer many other amazing tours throughout the city and El Alto.
The plaza is a 4-minute walk from the station

Higher Ground – An eatery serving up South American cuisine. There are other restaurants in the area and some cool street art.
7-minute walk from the station

View from seating area outside Higher Ground

Basílica of San Francisco – An 18th-century church with ornate details.
10-minute walk from the station

Mercado de las Brujas – an eclectic market known for selling llama fetuses, palo santo, and other eccentric items.
12-minute walk from the station

Stores at Mercado de las Brujas
Stall at Mercado de las Brujas
Yellow Line


Sopocachi Neighborhood – A bohemian neighborhood with cute cafes and a fun nightlife scene.

Photo from Typica Cafe
Silver Line

From Mirador – 16 de Julio:

Views – This ride offers stunning views that put you high above the city.

Enjoying the views from the Silver Line
Green Line


Valle de la Luna – A park just outside the city known for its tall spires.
15-minute drive from the station

Valle de la Luna, Photo by Agnieszka M

Valle De Las Animas – A park also known for its tall spires and needle-like rock formations.
25-minute drive from the station

Chualluma mural and the Red Line

TIP: Feeling lost? Need to upload a pic to the ‘gram? There’s free WiFi at all the stations, so get online!

If you prefer riding the teleférico with someone who knows it well, consider taking a teleférico tour.

Estación Central courtyard

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Want to experience riding on the world’s high cable car system? Take a trip to La Paz! I hope you enjoyed my guide to riding the cable cars in La Paz.

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