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Almond Blossoms California | Where to Find Almond Flowers

woman wearing a white dress walking through almond orchard during spring flower almond blossoms bloom near bakersfield california

Looking for almond blossoms? California has them. TONS of them! When it’s time for the almond tree blossom, California residents, as well as people from all over flock to the Golden State to see the beautiful flowers. In fact, California is the largest producer of almonds! About 80% of almond production is done in California so this is the best place to see the almond tree blossoms.

Keep reading for more information on where to find the almond fields in California, when they blossom, photo tips, and much more!

almond orchard during spring flower almond blossoms bloom near bakersfield California

Almond Blossoms California

I was asked by Tejon Oasis to write about one of my favorite places to road trip in California and couldn’t wait to share about the beautiful blossoms of the almond trees California has to offer. This makes for a perfect spring road trip!

Where to See Almond Blossoms California 

Have you ever heard of “valley snow?” These slightly off-white almond flowers are California’s Central Valley version of snow. There are over 1.5 million acres of almond fields in California. In fact, most of the almond trees in California can be found in the Central Valley. And if you’re wondering “but where to find almond blossom near me?” Look no further, your answer is right here…

My favorite place to go see the almond flowers is Bakersfield since this is the closest to Los Angeles making this the go-to area for Southern California residents. More information on the almond blossoms in Bakersfield is below. If you’re in Northern California and looking for almond blossoms, Bay Area residents would find the almond tree blossoms in Dixon, Woodland, Ripon, and Modesto most convenient. There is also an almond blossom Modesto map available!

And for Northern California almond trees, even more, north than the Bay Area, opt to visit Durham. Last, Visalia and Fresno are perfect for those in the heart of the Central Valley and even many along the central coast. The Central Valley almond blossoms also make for a great additional stop if you’re planning a road trip to Sequoia National Park or Yosemite National Park. 

Almond Orchard California:

Click the links above for the blossom maps and see below for additional information on where to find almond orchards in Bakersfield, Modesto, and Fresno.

Almond Blossoms Bakersfield 

If you’re in or around Bakersfield there are a lot of places to see the almond blossom. Bakersfield is also the closest area to Southern California cities that has almond trees. 

There are many privately owned farms in this area. See more information below. And Murray Family Farms is open to the public and has an almond orchard on the property.

woman wearing a white dress walking through almond orchard during spring flower almond blossoms bloom near bakersfield California

How to Get There from LA/Southern California 

If you’re traveling from Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California, you’ll travel up the 5 Freeway toward Bakersfield. Once you drive over the Grapevine you can stop at the Oasis on I-5 in the city of Arvin. This is the best stop before you arrive at the Bakersfield almond blossom trees. This is also the last convenient stop to get gas and other conveniences before reaching the fields if you’re coming from Southern California. More on the Oasis on I-5 below.

After your stop, you can continue on the 5 freeway and then quickly merge onto highway 99. Just off highway 99 there are plenty of almond orchards. You can also find them along the 5 freeway in the same vicinity. My go-to area is off the 99, a little bit after the 99 and 5 splits. This is a popular area and if you’re visiting on a weekend there will likely be plenty of others there to take photos. The coordinates to this location are 35.0545597, -118.9658117. 

This is a privately owned field so please be mindful if visiting. Ask for permission to enter or keep to the outer edges of the orchards.

woman wearing a baby blue dress walking through almond orchard during spring flower almond blossoms bloom near bakersfield California

Oasis on I-5

The Oasis on I-5 is a convenient place for all your road-tripping needs and more. It’s a huge commerce center with on-ramps on both sides of the freeway making it a perfect stop for gas and a quick bite. It’s California’s premier travel stop on I-5!

At the Oasis on I-5 you’ll find:

  • 30 restaurant and food options to choose from including sit-down dining to fast-casual fare
  • 100+ fuel pumps, dozens of EV chargers, and the second-largest Tesla charging station in the world 
  • The award-winning Outlets at Tejon features more than 40 stores and brands 
  • Three hotels: Best Western Liberty Inn, Hampton Inn Arvin Tejon Ranch, and Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Wheeler Ridge
  • Convenience stores – perfect for anything you may have forgotten at home
  • Plenty of grassy areas – this is perfect if you’re traveling with a pet

How to get there from Northern California

Take the 99 freeway towards Bakersfield and shortly after the city of Tulare you’ll start seeing the almond blossom Bakersfield area has to offer. Additionally, you can find more almond orchards along the 5 freeway within the same vicinity.

Modesto Almond Blossoms

One of the best places for the season of almond blossom: Modesto, the perfect stop if you’re in Northern California. You can do the Almond Blossom Cruise! This is a beautiful scenic drive around Modesto that includes California’s oldest and largest walnut tree, lots of farms, local markets, restaurants, a winery, and more. Check out the Modesto Almond Blossom Cruise Map here. The map even includes some of the best photo spots in the area.

And there are also two places open to the public that have almond trees on the property. Be sure to check out Rodin Farms and Roberts Ferry Gourmet. These businesses are open all year and have different offerings as the seasons change. Keep an eye on social media for tags and geotags to make sure they are in bloom when you plan to visit.

There is a lot to see in and around Modesto and you can really make a day or even a complete trip out of it. This is a great weekend trip of road-tripping with family in California. Start planning ahead, the anticipated 2023 bloom dates for Modesto are February 10th to March 5th.

Fresno Almond Blossoms

Fresno is another popular place to go see the almond blossoms in California.  It’s also a great choice for anyone planning to fly into California as the airport is in the city. Fly into Fresno Yosemite Airport (airport code: FAT), it has direct flights from Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, and more, as well as a few cities in Mexico. 

Fresno is perfect for out-of-state visitors or those who are not within a three to four-hour drive. There are also several in-terminal rental car options making it super convenient to fly in and start your road trip.

The Fresno County Blossom Trail covers not only the city of Fresno but also the surrounding cities. There is a ton of information on the website and it’s kept up to date just before, during, and just after almond blossom season. The Fresno Blossom Trail also covers plum blossoms, apricot blossoms, peach and nectarine blossoms, and more!

Check out the Fresno Blossom Trail Map here.

Visalia Almond Blossoms 

The city of Visalia, which is in Tulare County, also has almond orchards. The Visalia Blossom Trail is where you can see almond, orange, plum, peach, and apricot trees burst into full bloom every spring. Visalia is also a gateway city to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The national parks plus the spring blossoms make for a fun spring road trip idea!

You can see the Visalia Blossom Trail Map here. 

When Do Almond Trees Bloom in California?

Wondering when do almond trees blossom? You are looking at a small window between late February to early March. The season is abridged, it lasts about two weeks. My advice for anyone keen to see the almond flowers in full bloom is to pay attention to social media posts. Look at the caption and comments to ensure the photo or video is taken from this year. Or simply ask in the comments or direct message the original poster. My recommendation is to start looking around mid-February. 

Another way is to follow some photographers in or around the Central Valley locations you are planning to visit. For example, look for “engagement photographer Bakersfield” or “maternity shoot Visalia.” Many photographers who do couples photography, engagement shoots, family photography, etc, in these areas probably offer photography shoots at the different almond fields in California.

You can also search tags, geotags (search “Fresno Blossom Trail,” “Bakersfield Almond Orchard” for example), and hashtags such as almond blossoms California and Almond blossom Bakersfield for example on Instagram.

Once you know the almond trees are blooming in the area you want to visit you have about two weeks. There is no need to rush right away if they just started to bloom, full bloom is the best time to go but don’t wait long after that because the flowers will begin to fall.

Best Time of Day to Visit

The best time of day to visit is in the early morning. This is perfect for lighting and also to avoid any crowds. There are lots of harsh shadows in the mid-day and it’s hard to avoid at that time with the trees. It also gets pretty warm during the day. Alternatively, you can opt for golden hour, about an hour or so before sunset. You can expect more people during this time if visiting on a weekend.

woman wearing a white dress walking through almond orchard during spring flower almond blossoms bloom near bakersfield California

Almond Blossoms California Things to Know

There are a few things you should know when visiting the almond orchard:

Private Property

California farms are usually privately owned meaning these are private property and if you step onto the fields without permission you are trespassing. It’s recommended that you get permission, to go to a public orchard such as Murray Family Farms in Bakersfield and Rodin Farms in Modesto, or book a photography session with a local photographer who has an agreement with the orchard.

Additionally, you can take photos from the outside of the orchard. However if you do step inside be respectful, don’t leave anything behind such as trash or props, don’t step on the irrigation equipment, and don’t overstay your welcome.


It’s springtime, and allergies are in full swing. If you have allergies take allergy medicine before visiting the fields. This will make it so much more enjoyable. You’re also in a farming area so there are lots of dust and pollen in the air

Be Bee-Aware

There are lots of bees in the orchards so be mindful. You’ll also likely see white boxes near some of the trees. Do not disturb these boxes, they’re home to a lot of bees. This is also something to be super careful about if you or someone you are traveling with are allergic to bees. Please plan accordingly.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up for a cute photo but when it comes to shoes closed toed are best since you’ll likely be stepping on dirt and it may be wet. There are also lots of smaller branches and other debris on the ground. 

Stay Hydrated

If you plan to visit a few almond fields or be out all day be sure to take plenty of water with you.  Many of these areas can be a little bit off the beaten path so it’s best to pack your own or visit a store on your drive into the area.


I hope this blog post helps you in your search for almond trees. California has so many great places to see the blooms! Be sure to plan ahead and stay flexible during that time period so you don’t miss it!

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