How to Find Cheap Flights

International travel can come off as expensive when you start factoring in all the costs. The flight can usually be the most expensive part of the trip but it doesn’t have to be if you find a great deal. Want to know the best way to find cheap flight deals? There’s a tool you can use to find flight deals and it’s called Dollar a Flight Club. That’s right! With this service, you get access to cheap flight alerts for both international and domestic flights. 

Dollar Flight Club is by far the best way to get flight deals sent to you! 

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12 of the Best Things to do in Málaga

Considering a trip to Costa del Sol? Málaga is not to be missed. It has the third-largest airport in Spain making it well connected to Europe and the world. The weather is absolutely amazing and the location is perfect because from Málaga you can easily visit other Andalusian cities! I’ve visited Málaga twice now and stayed an entire month during my first visit. During my stay, I got to see a lot of the city including the must-dos and some hidden gems. Get ready as I give you a list of some of the best things to do in Málaga, Spain.

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Guide to Traveling Nicaragua

If you like warm beaches, hiking, some nightlife, great food and a bit of the city, Nicaragua might just be the place for you! Located in Central America, and neighboring Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua is paradise on a budget. With all around good weather with some occasional showers, it’s the place to be for a chill getaway. The nightlife is quite happening in cities such as San Juan del Sur and Granada but if that isn’t your thing there are so many other things to in Nicaragua.

Cristo de la Misericordia viewpoint – San Juan del Sur

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Things to do in Portland During the Winter

Portland can be described in many ways. It’s progressive, rainy, and has one heck of a food scene. It’s also eco-conscious, artsy, and a beer lover’s paradise. I’ve been to the city once before during the summer and like many, I couldn’t wait to return. This time I headed to Portland during winter and if you’re wondering why keep reading. And if you’re heading there during that time, you’ll want to know all the fun things to do in Portland during the winter so keep reading as well.

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Best Travel Apps of 2019

With technology, we can take our travel even further. From finding cheap flights to navigating a new city to understanding a foreign language, travel apps have made life as a traveler much easier. If you’re looking for some travel hacks that will make your next trip a breeze, check out my list of the best travel apps of 2019.

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