S2 Ep. 11: Sh*t Down Shutdown

The U.S. government is shut down, and it isn’t helping travel one bit! Today we discuss what is being affected, what you can do to help ease the pain of traveling right now, and how to see if it affects places you were planning on visiting. (Hint: many National Parks are affected)

To check if your planned National Park excursion will have to be modified, click here for all the National Park alerts.

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Ep. 3 Packing For Hiking Trips; Don’t Forget Your Poop Shovel!

Let’s talk about packing for overnight hiking trips! What’s trowel, and why you need it? The buddy system, it isn’t only for grade school. And why you should always chat with the Park Rangers, and not just because it’s nice to be friendly.

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Volcan Acatenango Overnight Hike Guide

Guatemala is a country full of adventure. Even in the city of Antigua, the beautiful outdoors are just a few miles away. The Volcan Acatenango hike is something that should definitely be on your list if you’re a hiker visiting the country. The views won’t disappoint and the challenging hike will be something to talk about for days to come. If this has your interest piqued then keep on reading my Volcan Acatenango overnight hike guide.

Hike Overview

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Hiking Mt. Whitney and Applying for Permits Through the Lottery

Hiking Mt. Whitney is on the adventure bucket list for many outdoor enthusiasts. With an elevation of 14,508 feet, Mt. Whitney is the tallest mountain in the 48 contiguous US states.

Mt. Whitney is a part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and its trail starts in the Inyo National Forest and enters Sequoia National Park. The summit is also the southern end of the John Muir Trail, “JMT.” Climbing to the summit and back can be done in a day trip or an overnight backpacking trip. Permits are needed for this hike from May 1st to November 1st each year. You can apply for a permit during the Mt. Whitney Lottery between February 1st and March 15th. Lottery results will be available on March 24th.

Mt Whitney in the distance (photo by Monique Tejada, @m00niquee)

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Havasupai Falls Backpacking Guide

If you love chasing waterfalls, enjoy hiking in canyons, swimming in beautiful turquoise waters, and sleeping under the stars then Supai, Arizona should be on your adventure destination list! Supai is an amazing destination where you not only get to experience the famous Havasupai Falls but also Mooney Falls, Navajo Falls, Fifty Foot Falls, Beaver Falls, and more!

Havasupai Falls
Another one of Havasupai Falls because it’s just so beautiful
Beaver Falls from the Canyon

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