Renting a Hanbok in Seoul

When I was planning my trip to Seoul I wasn’t sure at first if I should rent a hanbok (traditional Korean dress). I wanted to make sure that it was something that the locals would be okay with so I consulted my Korean friend. She explained that Koreans are very happy to see foreigners wearing hanboks. I was excited to hear this because it’s important to me that I show respect for the culture. It was an amazing day and I’m here to share my experience with renting a hanbok in Seoul.

Choosing a Hanbok Rental Shop

When walking around Seoul, you’ll notice many rental shops all over the city. There’s definitely no shortage of shops but they all offer something a little different. If you have a few days in Seoul I would recommend going into a couple of shops on your first day, before renting to get a peek at the styles that are offered. Also, ask what is included in each package. For example, I paid 24,000 won (about $24 U.S. dollars) for a four-hour rental period. I got to choose a hanbok from the premium selection. The less expensive package was limited and with this premium one I was able to select a more intricate skirt design and it included the petticoat to make my skirt fuller.

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