Ep. 11 Korean Spa Day… kinda

What do you bring your best friend from Korea? A face mask, obviously! Join Jeanine and Martha as they chat about Jeanine’s recent trip to Korea and pamper themselves with luscious Korean face masks. Find out what it was like during the cherry blossom season, all about the Korean spa experience, eating all the delicious Korean foods, and more!

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Ep. 10 Back to Life, Back from the Philippines

Jeanine is back from the Philippines and going to talk about her time there, island hopping, eating new foods, and being back home. Join us as we catch up on what it was like traveling through Palawan and Cebu, all the wonderful stops along the way, and more!

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The 9 Best Things To Do in Pai, Thailand

Pai, a small bohemian town located in Northern Thailand is a place you may or may not have heard of but I assure you if you go you’ll never forget. I had read about Pai when researching cities in Thailand. Knowing I would be visiting Chiang Mai, I wanted to check out what other nearby cities I could explore. I chose to stay one night and I’m so glad I did but my 24 hours were not enough.

Here is a list of the 9 best things to do in Pai…

Rent a Motorbike

While Pai may be a small town most of the outdoor activities are outside the city and best reached by a motorbike. Riding a motorbike is also the most affordable way to get around. For less than 200 baht you can rent a motorbike for 24 hours. Basic motorbikes start at 100 baht. Aya Service was the company I used and I opted for the insurance. It was an extra 40 baht and worth the peace of mind.

This pink motorbike was the last motorbike available at Aya Service. Lucky for me I do like the color pink!

If riding a motorbike isn’t your thing tour companies offer packages that take you to some of the amazing spots Pai has to offer.

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Must-Do of Railay Beach, Krabi Province, Thailand: Railay Beach Viewpoint Hike and Climb to The Lagoon

The islands of Thailand were a must for me. What’s not to love about the warm ocean water, salt in your hair, sand between your toes and watching the sunset into the water? Maybe it isn’t for everyone but there’s no denying the beauty of some of these beaches. I knew I would be spending some time in the north of Thailand and I wanted to end my trip in the beautiful beaches of the south.

I didn’t know exactly which islands I would end up going to prior to the start of my trip but I knew the last island would be Phuket so I opted to fly into Krabi so I can work my way to Phuket. I flew from Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) to the Krabi Airport (KVB), an 80-minute flight. I took the airport shuttle to my hotel in Ao Nang for 150 baht. It was about 45 minute to one-hour ride. The shuttle first stops in Krabi Town so that the passengers going to their hotels in Krabi Town can take a separate shuttle from there. 

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Visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand for Yi Peng “The Floating Lantern” Festival

Yi Peng, or more commonly known to Westerners as the “Floating Lantern Festival” or “Lantern Festival” had been on my list of festivals to attend for years. This year I really wanted to make it happen because I had put it off many times. I didn’t make any excuses this year and I finally got to experience this special event. So here is my experience visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand for Yi Peng “The Floating Lantern” Festival.

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