S2 Ep. 4 Volunteering Abroad with UNICEF in South Africa

Happy Giving Tuesday! Thanksgiving was last week and every day since then has been busy with holiday sales. But on Tuesday you give back. Which is why today’s episode is very special.

We talking with our longtime friend and sorority sister, Julieth Leon, @_juliethnicole_, about her time volunteering in South Africa as a part of a UNICEF volunteer program for children. Hope you enjoy and are inspired to volunteer abroad or at home and always to take a chance and travel!

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Ep. 14 South Africa Travel Tips & World Cup 2010

This week Martha and Jeanine sit down with David, who did a study-abroad program in South Africa in 2010 and attended World Cup games. They chat about the beauty of South Africa and the must-sees while you’re there. Also, what to expect while traveling and what it’s like being in a World Cup host country!

Looking to visit South Africa or wanting to attend a World Cup? Listen to this week’s episode.

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